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The organisers of the 10 and 20 kilometres of Lausanne are offering students a 4 CHF discount on their race! At the stand hold by PolySports you will find a T-Shirt in order to run under your school colors and enjoy healthy food after the race

Below all the information, including an explanatory procedure to take advantage of the discount, and at the very bottom the magic link!



timer Date(s) :  Sunday 3 May 2020  



gps_fixed Place :  Je sais plus :(



info Tournament format : 

Non-mixed tournament


info Rule and contact : Registration procedure

To make your participation reliable for the PolySports competition,you are welcome to write your section/faculty name in the category Numéro membre/identifiant while registering


Contact respo sport :

Robin Zbinden ( I've a question !)



check_box Conditions of participation :

Having the deterrent of running one's lungs for more than an hour



payment Total amount due : 4 CHF less than others!



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