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Le bad c'est

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timer Date(s) :  Sunday 5 April 2020  


gps_fixed Place :  Dorigny Sport Centre, CSS+SOS1



info Tournament format :

Mixed tournament with women's advantage 

1.  Group phase : Teams divided into groups, a confrontation between each team of the same group involving: 2 matches in singles, 1 match in doubles.


2. Final tableau: The best teams in each group go to the final, and play each other where each match is eliminatory.


info Rule and contact: Badminton Regulation

Contact respo sport :

Asli Yörüsün ( I've a question ! )  



check_box Conditions of participation :

Max. number of players per team : 2

Min. number of players per team : 2

Max. number of teams per section : 4 


payment Total amount due : 12 CHF


Come back on Friday, 13th of March to register!



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Classement 2019 :

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You will find here the list of the teams of your Section already registered. If the number of teams in the "ready" phase is equal to the maximum number of teams per section, you will unfortunately not be able to register anymore. But you can always join one of them if they are not complete.

aucune équipe de votre section n'a encore été créée

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