Le Comité a l'immense regret de vous annoncer que la totalité de l'édition 2020 des PolySports est annulée...Cette décision à été prise en accord avec le Service des Sports Universitaires de Lausanne en considérant les directives de l'EPFL, de l'UNIL ainsi que celles de la confédération Suisse au regard de la pandémie de COVID-19 (coronavirus). Si vous avez des idées pour embellir nos journées, n'hésitez pas :)

Le comité,  Mardi 18h

Every year during the spring semester, EPFL and UNIL students join their strength under the same banner to represent their section against the other ones in more than 20 different disciplines. As for the Olympics, winning a medal brings points to the section you represent : eventually, the PolySports cup will reward the section that could earn the biggest amount of points.


Whether you're a born competitor looking to bring the best out of you or a team spirit lover; whether you wish to crush your opponents or to have fun meetting new people through sports, PolySports are made for you ! There is no need of being an international athlete to participate, your motivation and your will to have a good time are enough.


format_quote « The important thing during the PolySports is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well» format_quote 

perm_identity Pierre de Coubertin

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