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Registration procedure

As captain, your role will be to create a team and add players to it.

1) To register your team, consult the sports, choose one en un, once you have chosen the sportcheck that there are not already too many teams from your section registered for that sport (the teams from your section registered for that sport are indicated on the sport page, note that you can still create a team if there is not yet the maximum number of teams that have paid (a team that has paid is recognized as being in the ready stage of the competition.)

2) Ready to create your team? Then you can click on the green "Create a team" button on the page of the sport you want to register your team for.

3) A window opens, maybe you are already in this window, anyway you have to choose a team name (that you can always change later) and a team type between "PolySports Competition" and "FUN" then click on the "create" button below/right of the window in question.

4) The team is created and appears in the "my teams" tab. You can then invite players to join it thanks to the link available on the right of your team.

5) When you will be enough in the team (at least 2 thirds of the maximum number of players), a Team Leader will validate your team (their mails are on the  TeamLeaders  page, spam them if they are late :P)

If you want to join an existing team in your section, click on the link below to be redirected to your faculty's page and discover all the teams in your section participating in polysports!   

My faculty page

You can also view the teams in your faculty currently registered for a specific sport by going to the sport's page from the sports page.Don't hesitate to contact the captains of the teams already created to try to join them, they normally put their email addresses on the team description if they wish to be contacted.
You can also post an announcement on the PolySports facebook page of your faculty to indicate that you are looking to create or join a team for such sport.

0) To add players, you must be the captain of your team, the players you wish to add must also respect the following conditions:

a) be in the same section as you, and of the same gender as you if the sport is not mixed. (fun teams can mix sections)

b) Not to be on another team participating in an event having a match on the same day as that event.

c) Not to be in any team already in that event

d) The team must not have played any matches yet

e) The maximum number of players for this event and this team has not yet been reached, check the event page for this number. 

1) go to the my teams page to see your teams, find the team you want to add players to. 

2) You can add players only if the team has not already started a match, so an "invite to join" link to invite players is displayed.

3) Click on this link, copy the indicated link and share it with people you wish to invite to join your team. You will be notified when someone leaves or joins your team.

4) You can also activate email notifications if you want to receive an email as soon as someone leaves or joins your team.


For a team to be considered as official and thus participate in the Polysports ranking, it must be exclusively composed of members of one and only one section (see list of sections). A team that does not respect these conditions automatically becomes a FUN team.
A fun team participates in the tournament, however, it cannot enter the final stages of the competition. The points won/lost against a FUN team are not taken into account when establishing the teams selected for the final phase. As far as possible, the FUN teams are distributed equally in pools.
Architectre, Génie civile, Environnment,Chimie, Mathématiques, Physique, Electrique et Electronique, Génie mécanique, Matériaux, Microtechnique, Inormatique et Systèmes de communication, Sciences et technologies du vivant, CMS, Médecine, Biologie, HEC, Lettres, SSP, Sciences criminelles, Droit, Géosciences et Environnement, Théologie et sciences de religions, Management et Ingénieurie financière.
MAN students participate in the section in which they are registered at EPFL.
Students in specialized master's programs can participate in the section where they were in bachelor's programs.
Une section peut représenter un maximum de quatre équipes officielles par tournoi (sauf exception, voir pages des sports). Néanmoins, seules deux équipes officielles par section peuvent accéder aux phases finales. Si plus de deux équipes officielles de la même section sont théoriquement qualifiées pour les phases finales, la sélection se fera au nombre de points remportés lors des phases de poules. Les deux meilleures équipe accéderont aux phases finales et les autres équipes seront transformées en équipe FUN.
The minimum number of players per team corresponds to the number of outfield players.
Le nombre de sport par individu est limité à une discipline par jour (hors jour des finales)et une personne ne peut pas fire partie de plusieurs équipes du même sport.
All UNIL or EPFL bachelor or master students registered for the spring semester during which the PolySports take place have the right to participate in a tournament.
The registration to a sport gives directly right to the starter-pack containing notably the famous PolySports t-shirt, but also full of other goodies as practical as qualitative.
- The price indicated for a sport is the price for the whole team, regardless of the number of players, and is payable only once. It is up to the team captains to arrange for the players to reimburse the person who advanced the price for the team.
- It is not possible to pay on site on the day of the tournament.
- When a player has participated in more than two sports (except lasergame, ski/snowboard, 10/20 km from Lausanne and golf), the 3rd sport is offered. The price for the team will remain unchanged but the player in question will receive a 6 CHF voucher for food on the day of the tournament.
- In case of cancellation of a tournament, or travel and the new date does not suit the team, it will be refunded.
The sports Basketball Men & Women, Football Men & Women, Handball, Rugby, Tennis, Ultimate & Volleyball have a final that takes place on May 10th, once the match is played, if you qualify for the final, your team captain can add up to 30% of the number of players as substitutes.
Substitutions allow you to add people to your team for the day of the finals, these people allow you to free up some of your players if they can't make it to the finals day. When you click on the name of your team to see its players you will see 3 categories: Captains, Players and Substitutes. The substitutes will arrive in this last step.
In order to be a substitute in your team, the person has to respect:
1) the section and gender of the team, if it is not mixed.
2) Not be on another team participating in an event with a match on the same day as the event.
3) Not to be on any team already in this event.
4) The maximum number of substitutes for this event and for this team must not be reached.
Max number of replacements by sports: Basketball Women 1, Basketball Men 3, Football Women 2, Football Men 3, Handball 3, Rugby 3, Ultimate Frisbee 3, Volleyball 3
0) To be captain of his team. If you are not a captain and wish to be a substitute in a team, contact the captain to get the link to register for a replacement.
1) Move your team from Pool to Replacements, it is possible that once your team has been in the pool for more than an hour (i.e. once you have done the checkin on the day of the qualifications).
a) Click on "Pool Stage" on your team to open the pool stage
b) click on "Replacements" to see the replacements section
c) pass your team into the replacements stage
2) Go back to the my teams page if you have left it, and under your team you can now find a link inviting you to become a substitute in your team.
3) copy the link and pass it on to the people you want to invite to come and replace you. WARNING: this is not the same link as joining your team as a player! It is in the same place, but this time as you are in the replacements stage, it has changed! 
4) Once people have joined your team as substitutes, you are ready to come to the final, check the list of substitutes by clicking on the name of your team.

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