Le hand c'est


timer Date(s) :   Sunday 5 April 2020  


gps_fixed Place : Dorigny Sport Centre, SOS2



info Tournament format : 

Mixed tournament with women's advantage

1. Groupe phase : Teams divided into groups. All the teams in the same group compete for points: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 point for a defeat.


2. Final tableau : The best teams in each group advance to the final phases and compete in playoff where each match is eliminatory.

info Rule and contact: Handball Regulation

Contact respo sport : Jean-Adrien Chartron ( I've a question !)


check_box Conditions of participation :

Max. number of players per team: 10

Min. number of players per team: 7

Max. number of teams per section: 4 


payment Total amount due : 60 CHF


Come back on Friday, 13th of March to register !


Classement 2019 : 

Equipes de ta section inscrites à ce sport

Connectes-toi pour consulter la liste des équipes en cours d'inscription à ce sport !

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